Sunday, December 20, 2009

UP Lantern Parade


RED is the color of RAGE

We, the UP Babaylan, now parade in RED.

Pula na kulay ng dugong nananalaytay sa ugat ng bawat tao. Ito rin ang kulay ng dugong naghihimagsik sa galit dahil sa panghuhusga ng COMELEC sa aming mga bakla, lesbyana, bisexual at transgender.

Red is love that knows no color, no sex, no creed. Ours is a brave kind of love. No amount of persecution can stop our hearts from loving. Our love is not different. It is the same love that binds us and makes us understand.

Red is the spirit of Christmas. The spirit that celebrates the noblest of love.

Wear Red and be Red. We will never be silenced.

Rage against the homophobia and total disrespect to human rights.

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It was on July 6, 2009 when 41 individuals gathered at the Humanities Steps and marked the establishment of UPLB Babaylan, a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students' support group which believes in the inherent equality of all persons regardless of status or condition. For the organization, this inherent equality implies that human beings should not be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation.

-Forge unity among LGBT communities in UPLB
-Provide support services for LGBT students
-Promote awareness of LGBT issues in the university

-Lesbian and Gay Rights Advocacies
-Gender Sensitivity Workshops
-Conference and Symposia on LGBT issues
-Networking with National and International LGBT Organizations

-Manila Pride March
-World AIDS Campaign
-International Day Against Homophobia
-Transgender Day of Remembrance
-Anti-Discrimination Bill

Educational Discussions
-Gender, Sex and Sexuality
-Human Rights
-Vagrancy Law
-Anti-Discrimination Bill
-Gay Lingo

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